Electronic Cigarettes: A Great Alternative

17 Jan 2011
Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Introduction to Electronic Cigarette! Before we explain about electronic cigarettes, we’d like you to take a short quiz. Just give honest answers to the following questions:

  • Is it difficult for you to do without cigarettes for more than a very short period?
  • Are you reluctant to fly, because of the smoking ban on airplanes?
  • Is it increasingly difficult to find a place to smoke?
  • Are your family and friends urging you to quit smoking?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then you’re a good candidate for a new stop-smoking method, the electronic cigarette (also called the e-cig). This is a high-tech solution that has helped many enjoy smoking without ever lighting up a conventional cigarette. In many countries, including the UK, smoking is banned, and smokers are regarded as second-class citizens. Well, the electronic cigarette allows you to smoke whilst remaining completely within the bounds of the law.

How the Electronic Cigarette Works

The operating principle of the electronic cigarette actually is quite simple. A small filter-shaped cartridge containing a liquid made from propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavouring is stored in the end of the cigarette that smokers insert into their mouths. The cartridge is attached to an atomization chamber that senses when the smoker inhales. This activates a lithium ion battery, which in turn initiates the vaporisation process. Simultaneously, the LED at the tip of the e-cig glows red as the smoker takes in the vaporised nicotine.

Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

It’s important to note that the electronic cigarette is widely approved by both doctors and dentists. Since only a harmless vapour is exhaled, the people around the smoker are not exposed to second-hand smoke. Although it looks as if it’s burning, the e-cig is totally non-combustible. No more burns on floors, carpets and furniture. The smoker does not inhale harmful substances like tar or carbon monoxide. The device delivers a precisely measured dose of nicotine, so there’s no danger of taking in too much. You can smoke wherever you like, including offices, restaurants, pubs, airports, clubs, and even on airplanes.

More Benefits of Electronic Cigarette

You can self-regulate your nicotine intake because the nicotine cartridges come in varying strengths. Electronic cigarettes are much less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine cartridge contains the equivalent of 15 conventional cigarettes, yet costs less. The cartridges come in several flavours, including menthol, vanilla, coffee and cherry. When electronic cigarettes were tested in blind tests against tobacco cigarettes, most people couldn’t tell the difference. E-cigs are powered by a rechargeable battery. In fact, starter kits usually contain 2 batteries and a charger, so you can have one in the charger as well as in the device. Many e-cigs feature an automatic shut off that engages if the smoker takes in too much nicotine over a short period. Electronic cigarette will never stain the teeth the way tobacco does, and will not cause the bad breath that most tobacco smokers do.

Electronic cigarettes are a safe and healthy alternative to cigarettes. Why not try one today?

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